After searching many years, I finally found the vegetarian cook book for me. This is "Vegetarian Planet". The one problem with this book is that the table of contents does not list the individual dishes. So I am providing one here!:

Vegetarian Planet Didi Emmons, The Harvard Common Press, 1997

Splendid Breads
Dried cranberry pecan coffeecake
Fruited sherry bread
Carrot coffeecake with poppy seed streusel
Cardamom banana bread
Granny's oatmeal bread
Irish soda bread
Brown soda bread
Three seed anadama bread
Ten minute cornbread
Spelt walnut bread
Dark boston brown bread

Chutneys, Ketchups, Salsas and More
Roasted corn and garlic salsa
Soused salsa
Apple chipotle salsa
Rasta salsa
Salsa verde
Roasted garlic
Chinese preserved garlic
Pickled cucumbers and daikon
Pickled carrots with ginger
Kitchen cupboard curry
Garam masalafive spice plus one powder
Winter cranberry ketchup
Mango ketchup
Strawberry guava jam
Green tomato chutney
Peach and spice spice chutney
Banana giner chutney
Tomato raisin chutney

Small Bites
Spinach dip
Hot artichoke and goat cheese dip
Smoky black bean dip
Avocado lime dip
Rockin guacamole
Baba ghanoush
Toasty hummus
No fry spicy potato skins
Sweet fried plaintains
High tea cucumber sandwiches
Technicolor tapenade on toast
Charred tomato salsa with grilled bread
Pepper masa cheesesticks
Cheddar pecan balls
Mexican slowboats (deviled eggs)
Tiny curried empanads
Sushi party balls
Asparagus wasabi tempura
Korean vegetable pancakes
Shiitake spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce
Vietnamese rice paper roles
Cilantro chile dipping sauce

Soups some cold, some hot
Basic vegetable stock
Roasted vegetable stock
Mushroom stock
Carrot fennel broth
Tomato corn, and black bean gazpacho
Green grape and tomatillo gazpacho
Watermelon gazpacho
Beet and cucumber gazpacho
Spiced tomato soup
Chilled mango soup
Spinach vichyssoise
Sweet potato vichyssoise
Cream of cucumber soup
Minty melon soup
African tomato and peanut soup
Garlic soup with bread
Carrot ginger and beet soup
Gumbo soup
Potage bonne femme
Cream of tomato soup
Corn and sweet potato chowder
Corn and tomato chowder
Tomato lentil soup
Yellow split pea soup
Tuscan white bean soup
Lima minestrone
Curried cauliflower bisque
Shiitake consomme with transparent noodles
Miso soup
Parsnip soup with garam masala
Root soup with three herbs
Carrot fennel soup
Saffron scented plantain soup
Roasted squash soup
Thai coconut soup

Artful salads and slaws
tame kimchi
syrian bread salad
italian bread and tomato salad
fruit and nut tabouli
wheat berry salad
roasted beets with oranges and basil vinaigrette
caribbean sweet potato salad
yuca potato salad
roasted new potato salad
white bean and fresh mozzarella salad
bibb salad with anise croutons
french lentil salad with caramelized balsamic vinaigrette
bistro avocado salad
long and winding bean slaw
snappy snap pea salad
pear salad with stilton dressing
hot and sour slaw
green slaw
jicama slaw
toasted sesame slaw
celery root and apple slaw
gunsmoke slaw
radicchio slaw
double radish delight

Dressed to thrill
three citrus vinaigrette
lemongrass peanut vinaigrette
lime cilantro dressing
chile cumin dressing
caramelized balsamic vinaigrette
pomegranate poppy vinaigrette
caesar revamped
coriander honey dressing
miso dressing
fiery sweet and sour dressing
roasted shallot dressing
shocking beet vinaigrette
goat cheese dressing
sweet japanese vinaigrette
sesame ginger dressing
creamy three herb dressing

Simple sides
asparagus with curry butter
brown buttered broccoli
little cabbage hash
sauteed cherry tomatoes and eggplant
fava bean succotash
roasted fennel with green apples
sesame glazed green beans
roasted acorn squash
spanish swiss chard with raisins and hazelnuts
rabe stuffed tomatoes
crumbled zucchini
stuffed zucchini
celery root and potato mash
crispy rosemary potatoes
roasted garlic masher
persian basmati rice with cinnamon and pistachios
split pea laf
smokin beans

Rice - white, brown, black and wild
indian spiced rice
home style brown rice pilaf
dirty rice
basmati rice with chard, olives and beans
jamaican rice mix up
basmati spinach ragout
braised cabbage and basmatic rice
thai tofu with red curry sauce over coconut-scallion rice
fennel risotto
wild risotto
herbed risotto with piperade
saffron risotto with mushrooms
risotto with tomato, corn, and basil
zucchini risotto cakes with provencal sauce
wehani cakes with curried spinach sauce
twice wild
golden rice cakes with sweet potato ginger sauce
black rice cakes with zucchini and lemongrass
hijiki rice salad
malay rice salad

Grain central station
soft polenta with spicy tomato sauce
pan fried polenta with corn, kale and goat cheese
quinoa sorrel salad
lemongrass quinoa pilaf
asparagus and mushroom stew over quinoa
barley pilaf with lentil confetti
barley, kale, and kidney bean stew
barley shiitake risotto
couscous with red pepper, chickpea and almond stew
couscous cakes with a tomato garlic ragout
tomatoes and eggplant over couscous with caper sauce
planet moussaka
farro risotto with shiitakes in roasted acorn squash
whole spelt with choy and sesame
giant stuffed mushrooms
lambless shepherd's pie
peanut millet with grilled curried vegetables
fragrant millet pilaf

Global noodle
soba with toasted sesame seed sauce
wakame and soba noodle soup
vietnamese rice noodle salad
your pad thai or mine
crispy chinese noodles with eggplant and peanuts
chinese noodle pancakes with asparagus
rice noodles with shiitakes, choy and chiles
pasta with arugula pesto
pasta with jalapeno pesto
pasta with vietnamese pesto
pasta with baby red lentils and ginger
penne with red pepper sauce and broccoli
penne with ancho peppers, tomatoes, and corn
baked rigatoni with broccoli and gorgonzola
orzo with olives, broccoli, and basil
stuffed shells puttanesca
pappardelle with asparagus and herbed cream
spaghetti with spaghetti squash
ziti with acorn squash and roasted garlic

Dumplings for dinner
crispy stuffed foon
daikon pot stickers with ginger sesame sauce
carrot dumplings in lemongrass broth
chickpea flour dumplings in spinach tomato sauce
spinach ricotta dumplings in portobello tomato sauce
potato and kale stew with corn dumplings
ratatouille with soft basil dumplings
wild mushroom stew with herbed dumplings
mashed potato pierogi
sweet potato gnocchi with leafy greens and madeira
semolina gnocchi with stilton and mustard greens
chevre quenelles in fennel and tomato sauce
zucchini pakors with scallion raita

Savory crepes and cakes
thai vegetable crepes with peanut sauce
buckwheat crepes filled with potatoes and kale
mushroom blinchiki
carrot crepes florentine
masa cakes with salsa verde
reina's pupusas
spinach patties with cumin orange raita
big bammy
gruyere potatoes rosti
golden potato cake with fresh herb dressing
parsnip potato cake with horseradish sour cream
sweet potato latkes
zucchini jicama cakes with tomato coulis
hearty korean pancakes
mu shu tofu

Burgers and sandwiches
portobello burgers
yellow split pea burgers
jamaican burgers
curried carrot walnut burgers
felicia's kasha burgers
tofu and pumpkin seed burgers
speedy burgers
falafel burgers
apple burger
all veggie burgers
yucatan burgers
havana sandwiches
green apple and brie sandwiches with quick onion chutney
grilled smoked gouda sandwich with mustard dipping sauce
spinach and mozzarella grilled cheese sandwiches with chile dipping sauce
eggplant, tomato and mozzarella sandwiches
croque mademoiselle
sprout carrot and quinoa sandwiches
tomato wonder sandwich
pan bagna

Tortilla madness
enchiladas in pumpkin seed chile sauce
nutty enchiladas with spicy chile sauce
squash and potato enchiladas with mole sauce
sweet potato tortilla pie
stacked tortillas
good goat burritos
potato and cheddar quesadillas
chile and zucchini quesadillas
real tamale pie

Things that get baked
smoky mexican lasagna
adrienne's vegan lasagna
poblanos rellenos
potato, jerusalem artichoke, and carrot gratin
spinach pie
deep dish potato and pumpkin pie
all american pot pie
dixie pot pie
indian saffron pot pie
noodle quiche
nice tomato and crouton omelet
tomatillo frittata

Pizza zone
pizza dough
shiitake and potato pizzas
goat cheese pizzas with tomato confit
white pizzas
fennel pizzas with white bean puree
curried onion and spinach pizzas
summer squash and herbed ricotta pizzas
butternut squash pizzas with rosemary
poblano and jack cheese pizzas
calzones with mushroom pesto
tomato and grated zucchini calzones
tomato swiss chard, and ricotta calzones

Big chilis and hot stews
chile verde
three chile chili
tomato and lentil chili
white bean chili with scarlet salsa
sweet potato and barley chili
indonesian bean curd stew
curried lentil stew
indian stew
hominy and corn stew
tagine of eggplant and olives
thai sweet potato and coconut stew
african potato stew

Sweet thing
mango with coconut buttermilk granita
pomegranate ice with mascarpone cream
butter bananas with toasted cashews
lemon curd dip with cherries and berries
lavender rice pudding with raspberries
creamy coconut pudding
pumpkin bread pudding
chocolate blackout pudding
spiced creme caramel
banana cream pie with chocolate lining
jon's rhubarb raisin pie
grandmarie's sweet potato pie
cornmeal strawberry cake
lemongrass ginger cheesecake
lemon walnut pound cake
dairy free almond orange cake
mexican brownies
cinnamon snaps
peanut espresso cookies
five spice biscotti
almond macaroons
chocolate ice cream sandwich wafers

Cool drinks
minty lemonade
ginger iced tea
sparkling grape soda
mango lassi
banana cardamom lassi
strawberry melon lassi
watermelon lassi cooler
honey ginger lassi
nectarine coconut frappe
guanabana batido
mango batido

Breakfast any time
breakfast grits
grilled poblano frittata
curried poached eggs
wrapped mexican eggs
herbed cream cheese omelet
johnny cakes
best buckwheat pancakes
whole wheat pancakes
portuguese bread french toast
poppy seed french toast
sweet potato muffins
two blue muffins
oatmeal currant scones
harry's famous home fries
potato red lentil and brown onion hash