MBL Neurobiology Course 2003


"M" - the movie, shown for the first time at the Neurobiology course party Friday, August 8.

How was the Friday evening lecture done?
We brought a camcorder to a real Friday night lecture and glue gunned it to the back railing as people were filing in. Jim and Mark were filmed entering and sitting down in the audience. After the lecture was over, we waited until everyone had left, then Tom walked up the stairs to the stage, across the stage to the podium and gave his speech. This was filmed by the glue gunned camcorder and a second hand held camcorder near the front of the auditorium. The scene was edited in Final Cut Pro 3. Tom's entrance and parts of his speech were put into the real Friday night lecture using an "eight point garbage matte" with feathering and correction for difference in scene brightness.

Course party recipes

Hijiki (sea weed) salad - contents of one bag hijiki sea weed was soaked in water for 20 min. The hijiki was drained then sauteed for a short while in sesame oil. About 1/2 cup of dashi was added along with pieces of cut frozen fried tofu and generous sprinkling of shichimi togarashi.

Gujarati style cabbage - black mustard seeds were heated in a wok until many of them had popped. Shredded cabbage and carrots were added along with lemon juice, chopped cilantro, and some chopped jalapeno pepper. The cabbage is done when it is wilted (~ 5 min).

"Jimmi-churri" barbecue sauce - see neurobiology course recipes 1999

Barbecued tofu - Firm tofu was skewered and basted with the jimmi-churri sauce during grilling.

Liquid nitrogen sorbet - see neurobiology course recipes 2000

Grilled bread - bread dough (flour water yeast salt) was mixed and kneaded an hour or so ahead. Small pieces were flattened by hand as much as possible then thrown on the grill and turned over after a few minutes.