28 Hyatt -- Summer 2004

Map (see red dot); topo map (also see red dot)

The house (taken july 14)
From the street
Living Room
Dining Room
Bedroom #1
Bedroom #2 (occupied)
Bedroom #3
Bedroom #4 (occupied)

Adapted from a drawing we found in the house along with some measurements (window placement and some other details are not exact)
First floor -- Second floor
photos of the outside of the two floor parts of the house: front, south side, rear, deck.

Movie Club

Hyatt recipes

early June
Rindy smokes some bluefish
Joe and Linda
Dave Carroll
Dave Carroll's peanut butter pie!

June 13
new screen door closer
side entrance to deck restored

new address numbers #1

June 15
new address numbers #2
Joe & Mark paint the platform
side entrance: before and after
Bruce moves the anchor
what's new in the basement, but not connected

June 16
in the basement, still not connected though

June 17
side entrance before and after
shower before and after
first load!

June 19
basement improvement
side door improvement
more basement improvement
outdoor shower

June 20
Clean up: kitchen, bedroom, and desk

June 22
Mosquito Magnet up & running, kitchen side door, and mailbox

June 24
front door, jamb, and shower improvement

June 26
it's working! (inside mosquito magnet)

July 2
Joe's first party. From the Hyatt
side entrance improvement view#1 and view #2 and view#3 and view#4

July 3
outdoor shower! version #1

July 4
A visit to the great sippewisset swamp / marsh
-- the swamp -- the bridge
Susan Ratzan
Bella Ratzan
Romeo Ratzan

Sunday, July 11
yard clean up shower, front yard
children 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Monday, July 12
Tom arrives; checks out washer drier with Joe; tries out wireless internet

Saturday, July 17
9:30 pm - Jim arrives!
living room improvement
living room improvement: couch and projector

Sunday, July 18
Jim gets airport working for flylab
BBq scallops
Peter makes a potato salad
Jim & Tom, Daniel & Chai, Tom & Wicket, Chai & Peter, Joe & Annette, Daniel & Iolande

Saturday, July 31
Fish on the grill
Lara Ellenberg #1, #2

Sunday, August 1
New shelf - arrives on top of Tom's car -- in the dining room

Monday August 2
Shower is no longer dark!
First load of resuscitated dishwasher!
Outdoor shower now has hot water!!

Friday, August 6
Neurobiology course party

Sunday, August 8
Tufted titmouse at the bird feeder

Thursday, August 12
Latest Haydn effort (E major 1st part of 1st movement)

Friday, August 13
Lucia discovers some mushrooms!

Sunday, August 15
Blue jay
Squirrel 1 - 2
What decadence! a bath tub on the deck

Monday, August 16
Seminar on the couch (Melina, Peter, Rindy); plus Al Fein

Saturday, August 21
another blue jay
another squirrel 1 - 2 - 3 (maybe too close!)
Crepes for dinner!
Peter flips a crepe
Recipe for crepes

Sunday, August 22
Haydn E major #49 1st movement

Monday, August 23
another tufted titmouse
Haydn E major #49 again

Friday, August 27
Gail and Rindy make "chicken under a stone"
Grilled ratatouille
Dinner table
Peach melba

Sunday, August 29
more blue jays 1 - 2

Monday, August 30
We are not alone! The truth is out there!

Sunday, September 5
At last! A cardinal 1 - 2
more blue jay 1 -- 2
another squirrel

Monday, September 6
Haydn E min sonata, first movement

Sunday, September 12
Bound and gagged on the ceiling
Scenes from a time lapse movie at the bird feeder:
Cardinal, Crow, Red-bellied Woodpecker? 1 - 2 - 3

Sunday, September 19
For Sale
Next summer?
Finally, a garbage solution?

Saturday, October 2
At last! After 2-3 failed attempts, a fairly successful chelo
The cameras:
Epson 3100Z - the old workhorse
Nikon D70 - new this year

Sunday, October 3
A Hen in the front yard!
Unidentified woodpecker?
Unidentified hummingbird?
On the deck
Unidentified bird flying away
Close up: claws
Close up: tufted titmouse

Monday, October 4
Dinner - sofrito, grilled shrimp, grilled vegetables
Plans for the fly lab

Tuesday, October 5
Time lapse of the Hen! too bad autofocus didn't work quite right

Sunday, October 10
One more squirrel picture
Sold! to next door neighbor
New old car for Joe

Wednesday, October 13