Room 2 - 2004


early June - the lawn chair has finally had it
long live the new chair!

new look: "workstation" in the corner, smaller table for balance, pH meter

June 15 - Bruce Andersen, hard at work

June 24 - What's this world coming to?
Little Joe is no longer Little Joe! (see on right)

July 9
Kats Miyake

July 14

July 15
Sid Tamm
Kats et al

July 16
Modelock! - KM Labs Ti sapphire

July 17
found - Nathalie's clay from 1998?
Jim's lab, before arrival
MT's desk, taken over by ti-sapphire

July 26
John Chludzinski

July 27
Paul Campagnola

The wall
Modification to room 2a side
Modification to room 2 side
Final product

July 28
Jan Ellenberg
Lara Ellenberg
Lara takes a picture of Peter

July 30
Paul McNeil, day before driving back to GA

August 8
Falmouth road race, from the firehouse

August 9
Evelyn Houliston
Sid Tamm

August 10
Tom & Josito

August 11
Tom, still 35 pounds under
Wicket with hat

August 18
pink sun

August 28
Visitors: Gail Mandel, Yoshi Saeki, Rachel Norris, Rindy

September 1
Where did everything go? This is where

September 27
Saccoglossus injection project

October 2
Ctenophore development (1 min intervals, from 4 cell stage to formation of comb plates)
If cteno movie doesn't load right, try this version

October 13
In preparation for maintenance work on the pipes, clean up corner of room2A
Before and After: view 1 -- view 2 -- view 3
What was underneath the corner table

October 14
High tide at the rock pier
Dig near Loeb