Room 2 - 2006

May 28 - FIR course
Microinjection crew - Marina, Rachael, Will, also Lorri
Beware of Jaffe Lab!
Rindy holds a small shark
Inspecting a whelk
FIR hallway - Linda on left, Shaye on right talking to Rindy

May 30
New printer (HP color laserjet 2600n, only $400! but it took a while to get it working on the network)
File drawers

June 4
Captured at the granite finger pier - veligers 1 - 2 (I think; these are mollusk larvae)

June 5
new computer

June 23

June 24
Jim & Colin

June 28
What's he up to?
Josh Zimmerberg

June 29
JoAnn Buchanan

July 11
Kats Miyake

July 24
Barbara and Peter - Pines lab starfish injections

August 7
Finally - Michelle Schlief signs the refrigerator (though it's upside down)

August 10
Starfish injectors - Lars - Catherine

August 14
Loeb construction - no shingles yet outside of room 2 - another side of building

August 17
New shingles outside of room 2

September 9
Saccoglossus once more

September 15
New neighbor in basement of Loeb

September 22

September 23

September 26
They're back!! Beroe