Room 2 -- 2008

The Vesicle

May 20, 2008
Set up confocal microscope / microinjection scope

June 9, 2008
Rindy checks out this year's Friday night lecturers

June 12
Spider makes web in ice bucket!

June 23
The sunfish is still here after spending winter on yacht club beach

June 24
Peter in his new lab - lab bench
Great rainbow - whole thing - two rings

June 28

June 30
Misaki Miyake

July 1
Impressive - B and G crew fixes air conditioning in room 2b within a day

July 4
4th of July Parade:
Bubbles 1 - 2 - 3.
Bucky gets himself psyched - "The one two three!"
Thomas O takes El Lobito out for 3 hrs!

July 6
The Leica confocal (with white light laser!) gets moved from Physiology to Peter's lab -
Stills: inside - super continuum box - on the cart - in motion
-- time lapse set up
Joe's Knockabout Race 08 #1!

July 7
Voyage of the Vesicle - not too far this time, because we couldn't get the motor started!!
Discovered in the wine cellar incubator - some limulus embryos! (fertilized june 8)

July 8
Kats shows MT how to start the engine (pull with left hand, gun the throttle)! We try to go to Devil's Foot but the waves are too high. -- At the tiller. -- View towards the front.

July 10
Firefly (just before it lost its light organ)

July 11
Kats and guests in the Vesicle

July 14
Kats, Rachael -- Jay

July 15
Rachael and plankton net -- in action (a little high in the water) -- Rindy examining results

July 16
The limulus have hatched!

August 1
Bob Morris and MT test new plankton net by motor, wind and paddle power

August 4
Jan E. sorting oocytes
Turkish Delight! - Gulcin gave it to us in 2005 and we're finally opening it
Box - looks OK - tastes fine!

August 5
Hannah and Lara visit

August 7
Oh no! - something was stolen from the Vesicle!

August 20
Limulus -- First molt! -- movie showing tail and relative size to unmolted

September 10
Success! Rachael photoactivates PA-GFP in a saccoglossus embryo!

September 11
Green labeling in a swimming embryo

More saccoglossus