A pair of Flip Mino cameras were mounted side by side on a small piece of wood

At the beginning of sequences, I put a hand in front of cameras then moved it quickly away. This helped to make a crude synchronization of the two tracks during editing

Raw sequences were imported into Final Cut Express 4

The sequence pairs were put on two separate video tracks. The two tracks were synchronized by lining up the hand flick. Editing was done on the two parallel sequences.

To make red green stereo - the opacity of the top track was set to 50%. This track was made red using the video filter Color Correction: RGB Balance with Reds Highlights at 347, Midtones at 128, and Blacks at 98. Bottom track was made green using the same video filter with Greens Highlights at 347, Midtones at 128, and Blacks at 98. The relative positions of the two tracks needed to be adjusted in order to align the red and green images for stereo viewing. The relative positions were adjusted using Motion: Center.

For fusion - make each track 50% size using Motion: Scale and line up beside each other using Motion: Center.

For mirror - use the video filter Perspective: Flop on right hand track of the fusion sequence.

Any sequence taken while walking was extremely jerky and unuseable.