July 10 - "Marius" - Part 1 of the Marcel Pagnol trilogy taking place in Marseille (1931)
SgT - "I don't understand why he didn't go to sea right away and make the movie a lot shorter!"
MT - "In the second movie, Fanny marries Panisse"
SdT - "Who was Panisse?"
MT - "The guy who was trying to marry her for the whole movie"
SdT - "???"
SgT - "You were asleep!"
MT - "That explains it!"
SdT- "There was a lot french speaking..."
MT - "... and gesticulating!"

July 11 - "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" - Movie version of the popular suspense thriller book.
RL - "All's well that ends well!"
RJ - "I liked the book better, which left something to the imagination!"
JM - "Great!"
MT - " it was kind of a state of the art thriller"

July 12 - "Destry Rides Again" - Comedy western from 1939, with Marlene Dietrich and Jimmy Stewart
JM - (on MD's first scene) - "Ohhh!"
MT - "My favorite scene was the fight in the bar between Frenchy (MD) and the wife of the guy whose pants she won in a card game!"

July 18 - "La Grande Illusion" - World War I anti-war movie, directed by Jean Renoir, with Jean Gabin, Erich von Stroheim.
MT (before) - "Some people say this is the greatest movie ever made"
JD - "OK, I'll bite"
JD (after) - "I kept thinking of Hogan's Heroes"
JM - "Very good. I never saw a movie before about all the social distinctions in world war I"