May 4 -- The new Loeb
entrance looking to left - from outside
hallway towards water street (1st floor)

new neurobiology course space - main lab - across hall
new Reese lab (basement) #1 - #2
basement hallway from water street
new room 2
new hallway to old NB course / reese lab (where liq nitrogen tanks used to be)
Joe / Bonnie's old room (including old darkroom)
The Old Reese Lab (as far as I can tell)
the old freezing & Balzers rooms
the old "Pit" (+ NSB lecture room(?))
basement classroom (across from elevators)
2nd floor lounge area
new embryology course

Floor plans - basement - 1st floor

May 21 - More new Loeb
The best part seen so far (ramp to parking lot)
The worst part seen so far

Neurobiology course - map
hallway looking towards eel pond
ocean side of hallway has break room (102: sink, computers) and three labs (103, 104, 105), each with outer lab area and two offices / microscope rooms facing the windows. outer lab of 105 is set up for tissue culture.
brick dorm side of hallway has a "big" teaching bay (108: looking towards front, towards lab benches) like all the other courses (and unlike the previous NB course!) along with five microscope rooms (107, 110, 111, 112, 113)
In Stereo!
Get out your red green glasses: from front of big lab -- from back of big lab -- microscope rooms 111, 112, 110 -- room 104