June 25 - "Swan Song" classic Columbo episode with Johnny Cash - to commemorate Peter Falk who died a couple of days earlier.
ST - "Is that really Johnny Cash??!"

June 27 - "Try and Catch Me" another classic Columbo episode, with Ruth Gordon
RJ - "That was good!"

July 1 - "Die Hard" (Masashi) Bruce Willis action thriller, first in a series.
MT (who hadn't seen it) - "I might have to watch the others" and "Bruce Willis looked much younger 23 years ago!"

July 17 - "Adjustment Bureau" - Matt Damon, Emily Blunt in a movie based on a Philip Dick story
JBP(after watching preview) - "It might be more romantic than sci-fi"
MT (after) - "Joana was right!"

July 20 - "Black Swan" - Natalie Portman vehicle about a ballet dancer who wins the lead part in "Swan Lake".
JBP (who saw it before) - "When I saw it the first time, it was not what I expected. It was interesting to hear people have the same reactions as I did"
MT - "Yes, not what I expected either, but in the end, I just felt manipulated"

July 21 - "Adaptation" (Joana) - Mind bending, self referencing movie written by Charlie Kaufman
JBP - "It was cool!"
MT - "I'm 0 for 2 in finishing this. But I think the best performance in this movie is by Chris Cooper!"

July 24 - "The Italian Job" (Joana) - heist flick from several years back with Mark Wahlberg, Edward Norton
JBP - "Cool!"
PL - "I have to say, I lose some interest when movies become unrealistic, like the car chase in the sewers"

"Mr. Monk Gets Married" - classic episode from Season 2, Mr. Monk and Sharona go undercover as a married couple. With Jane Lynch.
JBP - "That was cool!" (she is in the process of expanding her english vocabulary)

"Cedar Rapids" - small town insurance salesman goes to Cedar Rapids for a convention, and meets John C. Reilly and Anne Heche among others.
MT - "Why does this remind me of MBL?"

August 4 - "The Way Back" - 6 or 7 prisoners escape from a Siberian gulag and walk 4000 miles to India, with attritions and an addition on the way
GH - (when Colin Farrell character stops at the border of Russia and the others go on) "He's going to come back in the movie somehow" (and when Ed Harris seemed like he was going to die) "You can't kill off your two leads in a Hollywood movie!"
GH - (when Ed Harris, who didn't die, left the group and went to China) "well, I guess I was wrong!"
GH - "It was okay"

August 5 - "Body of Lies" - Ridley Scott film with Leonardo di Caprio, Russell Crowe, about CIA anti-terrorist activities in the middle east.
GH- "Not as good as I thought it would be. It lost me somewhere in the middle"

followed by "A Matter of Loaf and Death" - #4 of Wallace and Gromit shorts
GH - "My brother-in-law bought a bakery in St Louis recently, he has to see this!"

More movies, but no comments! "Milk", "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest", "The Lincoln Lawyer", "Source Code"

ST = Sid Tamm
RJ = Rindy Jaffe
MT = Mark Terasaki
PL = Peter Lenart
JBP = Joana (Peter's new student)
GH = Greg Huber