Shuhei Terasaki
September 24, 1894 - April 18, 1994

(from Richard)
it seems that Asakichi and Yoshii Katayama were brothers (their father was Hidekichi Katayama). Yoshii married into the Terasaki family, which had no male descendents, so he took the name Terasaki to continue the family name. Yoshii did not have children. Asakichi had two children, Toyosaburo and Shuhei. His wife died young (possibly in childbirth). Shuhei was adopted by his uncle Yoshii. Asakichi re-married, apparently Toyosaburo didn't get along with his step-mother, possibly that is why he moved to the US (from Ken Katayama).
Shuhei's father: Asakichi Katayama (1859-1941), grandfather Hidekichi Katayama (1836-1925), great-grandfather Genkichi Katayama (1797-1877)!

passenger list: from Japan to Honolulu, arrive March 22, 1914 (19 years old)
-- the passenger list has his hometown as Tateishi Mura (if so, this is now Ogori; thanks to Naoki Noda for this information!) and father's name (Ta-xxx-kishi)! (click on the list to get magnified view) . It also says that he is a student, can read and write (english presumably), that his father paid his fare, and that he had $25.
Went to Chicago, attended Art Institute of Chicago for 4 years (which years?), lived at the Japanese YMCA.
Worked in the print shop at the Rafu Shimpo in Los Angeles
Married Hanako Kaya (see below)
1930 census, 131 South Evergreen St., Los Angeles, CA (Boyle Heights) - picture of house, December 2011
Before the war: owner of George's Cafe (east 1st St (?), Boyle Heights), a liquor store (1st St just east of LA River) then just before the war began, Angel Cake in Little Tokyo
World War 2: Gila River relocation camp and Chicago
1948-1957 - live at and manage Yule Apartments 1243 Sixth St
Naturalization November 11, 1954
Married Tomiye Shinagawa Sakita June 9, 1961 (October 5, 1910, San Francisco, CA - August 8, 2008)
Bronson house (2234 South Bronson Ave) from 1957 - picture - location low mag - high mag

An interview, conducted by Genji Terasaki May 27, 1991, with George, Richard, Yasuko also present
Installment 1 --
Installment 2
-- Jefferson High School
Installment 3
Installment 4 -- Downtown Los Angeles, 6th and Hill / Grand - low mag map - Katsumi = George, Mako = Richard
Installment 5 -- Rafu Shimpo
Installment 6 -- Art Institute of Chicago (red dot) - Japanese YMCA founded 1907 by Reverend Misaki Shimazu, closed 1936, 2330 Calumet Ave ("A")

Toyosaburo Katayama - Shuhei's older brother (Dec 25, 1889 - Dec 17, 1991) (wife Chika, Oct 10, 1898 - Dec 16, 1986)
(land in Hawaii, January 4, 1907, and March 4, 1917)
(lands with wife in Los Angeles, Jan 5, 1935 from Yokohama)
children Chester (Aug 15, 1918; Hiroko), Kenji (born ~1920 in Japan? -1921 Hawaii - 1925 Hawaii - 1935 Hawaii), Hideo (Feb 8, 1923 - Jul 31, 1993; June)

Hanako Kaya
September 22, 1903 (born in Hawaii) - January 14, 1960
Her mother (what was her name?) died in childbirth, and she was sent to Japan (where? which relatives?).
(from Richard - Hanako may have had an older sister, who married Kinjo Ikeda, a sumo wrestler (born 1896))
wife Hisayo (1899), Shizue (1921), Yoko (1923), Kiya(?) (1924), Akiko (1927).
Arrived back in Honolulu on July 22, 1912 when 9 years old, on the ship "Siberia"
In the 1920 census, is listed in Honolulu as 16 years old living at 469 South King Street (very close to current state capitol) with Shige Kaya (female, 59 years old - widowed, alien, cannot speak english)
Passenger list:
from Hawaii to Los Angeles, arrive July 11, 1925 on the S.S. City of Los Angeles. Address listed as 122 South Savannah Street, Los Angeles probably the address of her Aunt, Umeyo Ogawa (Sept 1, 1885 - March 19, 1963; first arrived in Honolulu Mar 23, 1912) (married to Kiyokusu, Sept 11, 1875 - Nov 26, 1941) 1930 census address is xxx05 Central Ave, Compton
from Hawaii to Wilmington CA, arrive March 30, 1928
from Fukuoka to Los Angeles, arrive, March 24, 1930 (with Paul)
from Kobe Japan to Los Angeles, arrive September 22, 1934 (Paul & George went too) (why did she go back to Japan twice during this period?)
Naturalization May 16, 1939

Kaya relatives
In the 1930 census, there is a George S. Kaya household, with Shige Kaya listed as mother (see above note about Hanako Kaya in the 1920 census). The address is 2398 Pacific Heights, Honolulu.
George S. Kaya (1883), Tsuta Kaya (1890), son Hifuto (1912), daughter Youko (1914), daughter Ayako (1916), daughter Michiko (1918), mother Shige (~1860)
There are emergency passports for Hifuto and Ayako which list their father as Shoichi, which seems to be the S. middle name in George S. Kaya.
A passenger list for Shige Kaya lists her home town as Kose-mura, Yamaguchi-ken.
Found in Hawaii State Archives: Oct 6, 1898 Shoichi Kaya (13 yrs old), Shige Kaya (38 yrs old) arrive on S.S. Mogul, to join relations


Other Los Angeles items:
Seinan: (west of USC), west boundary = Western Ave, east = Vermont, north = Jefferson, later 27th, south = Exposition
Centenary Methodist Church was at 35th and Normandie (1925), now at 300 south central ave (1995)