Friday, March 2, 2007
Arrive in Aobadai, move into an efficiency there.

Monday, March 5, 2007
Window - Bed - Desk - Washing machine - Sink - Bathroom - Coffee

Tuesday, March 6
train station - platform
lab - desk
chinese restaurant to celebrate Nishiyama-san PhD defense
Ohsumi-san - the new PhD, also found out that her ms was accepted at Nature last week
campai - Jan Motlich - students - afterwards

Wednesday, March 7
Gel, using prestained standards
Blot - the standards transferred!
You can see the top of Mount Fuji from the lab!
arrow pointing to Mount Fuji

Thursday, March 8
Breakfast - Ingredients

Train journey - from aobadai (circled in red) to suzukakedai (circled in green)
Apartment map
walk to aobadai station - in green; red dot is apartment
Tokodai campus - red dot, 8th floor is location of Kishimoto lab. green dot is cafeteria
Train station and Tokodai - shows location of train station (B balloon) and campus.

Train station sign - time, time of next trains. Every now and then, it's in english too!
B2 building
frog aquaria - frogs
A result! - (myt1 is phosphorylated in subthreshold 1MA)
To keep track of where everyone is
another view of Mount Fuji, not that great

Friday, March 9
K. Ookata and M. Terasaki (she did the first cyclin localization experiments in starfish)
computer keyboard - styrofoam boxes

Saturday, March 10
Lab scenes: a desk
Timer, sea water container
seminar notice

Sunday, March 11
breakfast - furikake and umeboshi
dinner - small egg rolls and chirashizushi
salad: grate carrot - grate ginger - add miso, rice wine vinegar, olive oil - mix - put on lettuce
oh no! I tried to wash the computer screen and some water got in!

At a supermarket
fisheggs - more fisheggs
fish1 - fish2 - fish3 - small fish
sushi1 - sushi2
shrimp1 - shrimp2
small squid (or are these octopus?) - big squid
What are These??? 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
-- (from an expert: 1= fish ovaries; 2 = same; 3 = oysters; 4 = snails/mollusks; 5 = clams)

Monday, March 12
Lunch - made it at home!
Mount Fuji - better!
Olympus confocal microscope
Microinjection scope - light source - puller - this scope was used to demonstrate starfish MPF in the 1980's; still functional
24 lane gel

Tuesday, March 13
At Tenten, tempura restaurant in suzukakedai
Tachibana, Chiba
Mori, Hara
Hassan, Tachibana

wednesday, March 14
dinner at Hassan's place
a turkish dinner in japan! - dinner2 - soup
Jan and Takeo - Isoda-san

Thursday, March 15
A trip to Ochanomizu University
East Gate
Group picture
Beans - something? - fried

Friday, March 16
More grocery scenes: fish 1 - 2 - 3 - oranges
Hara and Okumura are injecting mRNA for cyclin B-GFP
It worked!
Umenohana restaurant (specialty is tofu) 1 - 2 - group (Okumura san took picture)
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