Food (recent projects, discoveries etc):
Fish chowder - a success!
Roasted cactus - not so bad
Enfrijoladas (from Daniel L) - good!
Taco fillings (from Rick Bayless book): roasted poblano in ricotta cheese, zucchini, corn, poblano; mushroom

The West Hartford Farmer's Market
open from May 1 to weekend before Thanksgiving
best items: mint chocolate ice cream from Simsbury town farm dairy; almshouse cheese; beets, woodland farm cider, tomatoes,

some ethnic markets
Cosmos (indian food)- great!
A Dong (New Britain Ave near New Park Ave)- the Home Depot of asian markets
Park Street: Mercado, El Gitano - you can find poblano peppers, queso fresco, etc here
Young's Oriental Market (Park St and Oakwood)- red bean ice cream, fried tofu
Shaw's Market (at Prospect and 84)- cactus, corn husks, sour oranges, chayote

Some favorite, recommended cookbooks / authors

Japanese: Hiroko Shimbo "The Japanese Kitchen"

Mexican: Rick Bayless

Indian: Linda Bladholm "The Indian Grocery Store Demystified"

Vegetarian: Didi Emmons "Vegetarian Planet"

Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid: "Seductions of Rice"

Pierre Franey "60 Minute Gourmet" and others

Elizabeth David "French Provincial Cooking"