Cricket Lane 2003

The Garden

Friday June 6: Joe clears out the weeds
Saturday June 7: the almost empty garden view 1 (with Jenny and Steve's dog),view 2 (just planted poblano peppers), view 3 (left over chives from last year), view 4 (Jenny in background)
putting in the tomatoes (1 min int)
The Plot
Tuesday June 10: Joe plants peppers, eggplant, zucchini and squash


Saturday, June 7: striped bass other side of striped bass - caught by Sid Tamm!
sushi sushi 2
Sid cooking the striped bass --- The Recipe!
Wednesday, June 11: korean pancakes from Vegetarian Planet
Sunday, June 22 First movie club barbecue, kind of a warm up since only Joe& Mark were there!
Joe style chicken, Joe style corn, baked potatoes, grilled asparagus, jicama grape salad

friday, July 4: pictures

Saturday, July 11 steak and chicken legs with chimichurri sauce, grilled vegetables (didi emmons), zucchini fritters (nigella lawson), beet salad (lawson).

Sunday, July 12 lamb sausages, grilled vegetables, salad

Saturday, August 2 - Neurobiology course party (week before the end). grilled champagne chicken (Wes), sausages, steak and trout (Jim, Jorge, Joe), vegetables / tofu (Natika); seaweed salad, guajarati style cabbage (Mark)

Sunday, August 10 - post course bbq

Wednesday, August 13 - 2nd annual bbq for Dick Backus, with special guests Milton Brightman and Marge & Herman Ward. Pictures

Saturday, August 16 - farewell to Jorge. lamb chops, sausages, various dishes brought by Mustafa, grilled bread.

Saturday, August 23 - Lara Ellenberg waves goodbye

For 2004: First looks at the Hyatt -- After the move


Cricket Lane history from former owner Dick Backus

how it was built
how the street was named