Imaging section -- Neurobiology course 2007
Monday, June 25 to Friday, July 13

Faculty and staff


Lecture schedule

Week 1, Monday afternoon & evening schedule

Week 1 lab rotation schedule (Tuesday through Friday)


Confocal microscopes at the MBL

Movies and pictures

Orientation letter for students which gives overview of the whole course

Handout for the imaging section

Latest news:
June 4 - NB course has started!
May 11 - Jeff Lichtman will participate in the "Extreme 3D Festival" with Stephen and Winfried on June 30.
May 11 - Boris Slepchenko will give a lecture on modeling during the third week.
May 7 - Kristen Harris will give a lecture July 2.
May 3 - Ryohei Yasuda will come back and give a lecture on FRET/FLIM during the third week.
April 15 - Karl Deisseroth is giving Monday evening lecture (June 25)
March 23 - Winfried Denk is lecturing on Saturday of the first week (June 30).
February 9 - Admissions commitee gets student applications, evaluations due back in a week.
February 2 - Jeff Lichtman has agreed to give the introduction to light microscopy lectures once more!
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